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For a few years now, generic social networking web sites have been the rage. But the technology, social media frenzy and web 2.0 upswing has enabled a whole bunch of entrepreneurs to look at niche opportunities.

One such web site that I encountered of late is http://biigpiic.com/. It is clearly focused on the Media & Entertainment industry. Though technically, anyone even allied to these industries can register there.

BiigPiic.com has two features, which are uncommon to the industry. A special Models and Locations section, which features photo albums. What this means is that Location Companies and Modelling Agencies can now publicize themselves for Free. Of course, I noticed that even Independent Models and Location Owners also promote themselves.

Those apart, Designers, Freelancers, Movie Producers, Cameramen, Technicians, Advertising Professionals, etc can join the business network.

As with most business networks, BiigPiic‘s centrepiece is the Member Profile. This section features Personal Information, Business Information, Contact Information and the latest content belonging to the

What makes BiigPiic really 2.0 is the fact that content can be uploaded and shared on one hand. Equally, if you have assets elsewhere on the web: Video, Audio, Photos, then these can be pulled in too. For starters BiigPiic
is offering unlimited content embeds.

The Search works beautifully and is sectional to Photos, Videos, Audio, Models, Locations, and Members.

There is also a Classifieds section containing Jobs and Buy & Sell aimed at Members who wish to sell, or buy equipment.

All in all, a decently put together business networking site with the kind of social features one would like to see in a business networking web site, today.