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Answer by Krishnan Unni:

I'd put it this way. Web Design can be learnt by a Graphic Designer, or by an execution person who is supplementing a Graphic Designer.

If you are execution person, then the recipe would be to learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript & Jquery first. Followed by PHP and one or more CMS, such as WordPress.

W3Schools for all the basics. CodeAcademy for practice.

You'd need to pack in some real-world CSS learning after this: Smashing CSS: Professional Techniques for Modern Layout: Eric Meyer: 9780470684160: Amazon.com: Books

Followed by: HTML5: The Missing Manual: Matthew MacDonald: 9781449363260: Amazon.com: Books

And for Responsive Design: Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4): Ethan Marcotte: 9780984442577: Amazon.com: Books

For JavaScript, the recipe is already there: How to Learn JavaScript Properly

For PHP, it's: PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition) (Developer's Library): Luke Welling, Laura Thomson: 9780321833891: Amazon.com: Books

If you're a quick learner, then you should be able to wrap the basics up in 45 days.

For the Graphic Designer, the recipe would be different.
>> Understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics [W3Schools Online Web Tutorials] or

>> Understand the Elements of Web Design [Web Design Gallery, Pattern tap

>> Understand Grid based design [Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified – Smashing Magazine]

>> Look at the best designs on the www for a week to understand what folks are doing and how [siteInspire – Web Design Inspiration]

That's about a week's work for a Graphic Designer.

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