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Answer by Krishnan Unni:

I'd put it this way. Web Design can be learnt by a Graphic Designer, or by an execution person who is supplementing a Graphic Designer.

If you are execution person, then the recipe would be to learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript & Jquery first. Followed by PHP and one or more CMS, such as WordPress.

W3Schools for all the basics. CodeAcademy for practice.

You'd need to pack in some real-world CSS learning after this: Smashing CSS: Professional Techniques for Modern Layout: Eric Meyer: 9780470684160: Amazon.com: Books

Followed by: HTML5: The Missing Manual: Matthew MacDonald: 9781449363260: Amazon.com: Books

And for Responsive Design: Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4): Ethan Marcotte: 9780984442577: Amazon.com: Books

For JavaScript, the recipe is already there: How to Learn JavaScript Properly

For PHP, it's: PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition) (Developer's Library): Luke Welling, Laura Thomson: 9780321833891: Amazon.com: Books

If you're a quick learner, then you should be able to wrap the basics up in 45 days.

For the Graphic Designer, the recipe would be different.
>> Understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics [W3Schools Online Web Tutorials] or

>> Understand the Elements of Web Design [Web Design Gallery, Pattern tap

>> Understand Grid based design [Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified – Smashing Magazine]

>> Look at the best designs on the www for a week to understand what folks are doing and how [siteInspire – Web Design Inspiration]

That's about a week's work for a Graphic Designer.

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Buyer persona definition can sometimes be nebulous, but this article provides you with a great framework for Buyer Persona definition. In this article, see how one B2B firm tailored content to segments of its audience, and increased leads 124% after launch.  Results:


Skytap launched a content marketing strategy in May 2012 to generate and convert more leads. The team saw great year-over-year results:

210% increase in North American site traffic55% increase in organic search traffic97% increase in leads from online marketing124% increase in leads from all channels (online as well as offline events and programs)73% increase in opportunities from online marketing


Krishnan Unni‘s insight:

Focussing on delivering content based on personas is always a better idea than not. The results show that.

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It’s always a challenge to write effective landing pages, but it’s easier when you know the mistakes to avoid.

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For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. Clearly something is wrong with this picture!

Krishnan Unni‘s insight:

I have always felt that most businesses focus on the eyecandy for their websites, not on ROI. When it comes to ROI, eyecandy has to give way to usability heuristics, information architecture, neuroscience and conevrsion optimization.


This report on conversion optimization reflects the need for focus on ROI and things that matter on your website. 

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Krishnan Unni‘s insight:

Peep Laja’s insights on conversion are always a great read. Recommended for marketers who want results online.

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I love the creative process. Yet I hate it, too. Creativity is almost always a love/hate/love relationship.

Krishnan Unni‘s insight:

Wonderful graphic that captures the throes of the creative process.

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